Primal Plant Attack

The primal carnivorous plant may seem harmless - yet its huge appetite for meaty food poses a threat to the many species that inhabit its neighborhood.


Primal Plant Attack IconAnd it catches its prey in a vicious way: as food doesn't simply come around in the desired abundance, evolution gave the primal plant a unique and innovative, but malicious gift: the ability to BOUNCE!

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The AWESOME BOUNCING GAME MECHANICS were developed in the secret underground lab of spielwerk. Enjoy fresh and innovative mechanics that challenge your dexterity! Simply slide your finger over the screen to let the plant bounce and catch delicious dishes in midair. Grab insects, birds, bats and even pterosaurs to fill your plant's stomach, provide it with energy and most important: make it grow to the next step in evolution!


  • appstore_klawesome bouncing
  • simple controls and fresh game mechanics
  • prehistoric atmosphere
  • outstanding cartoon graphics
  • four stages with increasing difficulty
  • assorted yummy creatures to catch
  • freezing and burning effects
  • post your high scores on Facebook
  • addiction factor: high
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"What you see really is what you get. Fortunately what you see is an easy to play game that is good fun." -


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